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Coming (Relatively) Soon! Shampoo Bars!

Shampoo Bars. Many of you have asked me about them. A viral video about a bath and body chain's bars has been making the rounds on social media and it's piqued interest. The lack of packaging is definitely alluring. That's the same reason I fell in love with bar soap. Less waste. I LOVE that so many people have reached out to me about making them. I am always open to your suggestions.
So yes, a shampoo is in the works. It has been well before this video came out. I'm currently getting feedback from testers on my most recent recipe.
it won't be anything like the one you see in the video. If you look closely, there are some noodle-looking-thingy (technically soapmaking term) in the video. Those are SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) noodles. It's the stuff in your shampoo that gives the nice thick lather. A quick internet search will tell you that SLS either safe and effective or it was created by the devil to give us cancer. That's up to you to decide.
SLS noodles
I won't use it because there is no need to. The perfectly crafted soap bar made from oils, butters, lye, water and essential oils works just as well.
It won't feel the same as your regular shampoo. It won't have the same thick lather, especially if you have hard water. That lather won't feel quite as silky smooth, as it won't have any silicone, which is found in many shampoos. Your hair might have a transition period as it gets used to an entirely new way of being cleaned. Your hair will also benefit from a rise of 1/2 water, 1/2 apple cider vinegar, which sounds weird but actually makes a great, cheap, conditioner. You might have to trust me a little on this one.
These shampoo bars are coming and I am super excited that so many people are interested in the idea. I am also SUPER PUMPED that so many people are wanting to buy from a small buisness rather than a massive chain. Thank you so much! I cannot wait for you to try these bars!

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