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Hi! I'm Laura. I'm the owner and founder. I'm usually wearing way less eye makeup but I do like posing with my stick blender. Also, that is not my kitchen 

When I first started making soap I told my husband "I just want to do this for fun. I'm never going to sell any of this.  I'm too lazy to start a business". 

Famous last words. 

The Oakley Soap Co. started when a few friends asked if they could buy the soap I was sharing on social media. I reluctantly agreed because making good soap ain't cheap. Then a few more asked. And a few more. I quickly realized I had a small business on my hands and I should probably file the proper paperwork to be legit.

Much to my surprise, I wasn't all that lazy.  Instead, I was passionate about both the maker side of the company and the badass businesswoman side. I loved being a mom but I also loved being seen beyond the only role that defined me for years.

A visual representation of a mom-run business. 

In the hours not spent working in The Oakley Soap Co studio, I can also be found mainlining coffee, dropping the kids off at school in my pajamas or exploring my adopted home of Cincinnati. 

For the first 7 years, The Oakley Soap Co. was a one Laura show. Now we have two Laura's and a small but mighty team. 

Our Team

Laura C- Princess of Production. 

Laura C joined The Oakley Soap Co in April of 2024 and holds the unique distinction of being the only employee paid in actual money. Laura's job includes making shower steamers and scrubs, packaging all products and helping out with whatever needs done in the studio. She is a mom of thee boys and an amazing advocate for the neurodivergent community. 

Brett P- Operations Manager

As he is my husband, it may appear Brett got this job based on nepotism. However, he got this job because he was willing to work for free, and he volunteered for the role. The scope of this new role includes onboarding employees, payroll, compliance, strategic analysis, and facilities/equipment management.

Brett is a go-getter and an all-around fantastic husband and father. His other job involves aircraft, numbers and yelling weird acronyms on video conferences.

Weasley P- Director of Sales
Weasley is terrible at his job but he is very snuggly when I am sad so I keep him around. Weasley is paid in Greenies Salmon Treats and would like you to know he is woefully underpaid. 

Abour our Products

The Oakley Soap Co products are designed to be a guilt-free treat for those who rarely take time for themselves. All my products are 100% vegan. No beeswax, no honey, no ground bugs to make the coloring (yes, that's a thing). I make each and every product by hand in small batches to ensure quality. The oils and butter used are sustainably sourced because I don't want my kids to inherit an environmental sh*t-show. I do not use palm oil because I don't want to contribute to the deforestation of orangutan habitats. Finally, most of my of my supplies are purchased from women-owned businesses because I believe if women entrepreneurs stick together we can make the world a better place. 

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