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Our Products 

1) Are your products 100% vegan?

They are!  I do not use honey or beeswax and all colorants and fragrance oils are 100% vegan. Even my sugar is vegan. (Did you know sugar can be non vegan?) I do not use any animal milk in my products and all other oils and butters and other ingredients are plant-based. 

2) Are Your Products "All Natural"? 

The short answer is "it depends on your version of natural". I know that's vague but "all natural" isn't a regulated term. The government has no requirements to classify soaps as natural.  One person's natural is another person's chemical hellscape. 

I offer a mix of products using both natural and synthetic ingredients. Some soaps are naturally colored with clay and botanicals while others include lab created micas. Lab grown micas are often safer because there is less chance of chemical contamination. Both essential oils and fragrance oils used to scent products and fragrance oils are paraben, phthalate, and formaldehyde free.  

I feel 100% safe using all The Oakley Soap Co products on myself and my children. 

3) Are Your Products Palm Free?

I do not use palm oil in any of my soaps. However, one ingredient in our sugar scrub is derived at least partly from palm oil, so I cannot claim to be 100% palm-free. Our suppliers of this ingredient is RSPO (Responsibly Sourced Palm Oil) Certified. I have spent countless hours ignoring laundry and instead searching for a palm free version but so far have come up short. It's really annoying. 

4) Are your Soaps Tear-Free? 

Nope. In fact, it hurts like hell when you get it in your eye. That's a fact with any true soap. A tear-free soap requires using chemicals I don't use. So, while it's great for your skin, I suggest avoiding washing your eyeballs with my soap, or any other soap for that matter.  

5) Why don't you make bath bombs? 

Because I don't want to. Instead, I reccomend getting your bath bombs from Lemonwood Soap Co. Don't make your own. It's a recipe for a UTI. 

6) What is the best way to store my soaps when not in use?

Between uses- It is important to keep your soaps dry between uses. Check out my blog post on why handcrafted soap can melt faster than commercially made soap. SHAMLESS PLUG ALERT:  I suggest my specially designed soap dishes to help keep your soaps dry. Keep soap out of the spray of the shower or anywhere else water tends to pool.

Before use- If you stocked up on soaps and have a stack waiting to be used we suggest storing those soaps in a dry, cool, and dark place. If possible, avoid storing new soaps in the bathroom to keep them away from humidity. Some people like to store their soap in drawers to make their skivvies smell nice!

7) Why is my favorite soap always out of stock?

I am sorry that I can’t keep your favorite soap in stock. When I say my products are small batch, I'm not lying. I am the only employee and soap maker. Actually, I am the only paid employee.  My kids work for ice cream. As The Oakley Soap Co. grows I am acquiring new equipment and a larger space in order to ramp up production.  I'm getting better keeping up with the demand. Thank you for presenting me with this awesome problem to solve.

8) I have a great idea for a product.  Can you make it? 

I am always open to new ideas for soaps or other products to expand our line. If you give us an idea that ends up joining our line up I will happily give you a free one!  If you are looking for a custom made product please contact me at hello@theoakleysoapco.com and I would be happy to work with you.

Shipping and Delivery

1) Why is shipping so expensive?
I know our shipping isn't cheap. In this world of free two-day shipping from online shopping rainforest giants, it hurts to pay anything more than zero. Sadly, I am one woman and not a rainforest giant, therefore I cannot offer everyone free shipping. I strive to use the cheapest and fastest shipping methods available and I do not charge additional handling fees. 

2) How can I get free shipping?

Spend $70 or more and shipping is on me! This is a valid excuse to spend money on yourself.  You can thank me later. 


3) I love Oakley and spend all kinds of time there. Can I pick up for free? 

Absolutely.  Just select the "Local pick up" option when you check out.  As soon as your order is ready I will send you an email with directions. If you don't hear from me within a few days please check your spam folder. Please note that I do not have a storefront so you will be picking up your order from my home. Please don’t judge my unkempt porch. I’m fully aware I still have a Halloween doormat out. 

4) What if I select "Local Pick Up" and I don't live in the area?

Then I assume you are planning a road trip to the great town of Cincinnati. We'll hold on to your product (and your money) until you arrive.  Be sure to go to Graeter's ice cream while you're in town. 

In all seriousness, if you select the option in error, just contact me and I can invoice you for shipping. 

6) Do you offer international shipping? 

Unfortunately, I only ship to the United States.

7) My package has gone missing in the mail.  WTF? 

Ugh. First off, I am sorry. Shipping has never been the same since COVID started. Every order comes with tracking information but that doesn't mean orders don't just get raptured by the shipping gods.  Here is our policy for missing orders: 

  • Missing orders will be replaced for free if they don't arrive 14 days* after shipment.  During the month of December, the policy changes to 21 Days due to extreme delays with the post office. 
  • Damaged orders require multiple pictures of said damage before I replace.  I know it's not your fault but I need the pictures in order to make a claim with USPS.
  • *The Oakley Soap Co is not responsible for missing orders if the customer provided a wrong or recently vacated address.  

Where to Buy

1) I want to smell before I buy.  Where can I find your soaps besides the website? 

 Check out our Stockist page! You can also find me at multiple fairs and craft shows around the Cincinnati area. Follow The Oakley Soap Co on Facebook and Instagram for dates. 

2) Do you offer wholesale or private label? 

We do both! Contact  Laura@theoakleysoapco.com for more information.

3) Do You Offer Custom Orders? 

I flipping LOVE custom orders. Any product can be turned into party favors and we can do custom sizes and custom labels.  We can also work with any size or budget. Soap favors require a minimum of 6 weeks notice. All other products require 8 weeks notice.  Contact Laura@theoakleysoapco.com for more information. 


1) I'm having a fundraiser for my non-profit. Can you donate products for our auction? 

If I had the option, I would donate to everyone that asks. Unfortunately, if I did that, I'd go out of business. The Oakley Soap Co is a proud to partner with Transform. Seventy-five cents from every bar of Born This Way soap sold go to Transform. 

The Oakley Soap Co also has a small budget for donation baskets for school organizations within the Cincinnati Public Schools district. I'm sorry but we cannot make donations to any other organizations (unless we are closely related. Then I probably could be guilted into something).