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August Profiles in Awesomeness- The Nepotism Edition

This month I'm featuring the #1 most awesome person I've ever met- Brett Pipitone. Brett is the founder and creator of mimicEducationRobots which offers products that give kids K-12 hands-on experience building and coding robots. He also invented The Doorbell Phone which gives new life to your old, stylish landline phone. Brett can also fix all things including but not limited to- my car, my hairdryer, the volume button on the remote and my cranky moods.  Please welcome my amazing husband, Brett Pipitone. 

Brett Pipitone

Cincinnati, OH


Lovely Laura, Maximum Max, Courageous Cora, and Weasley Bucket the Cat


Company/job/cause/thing that takes the majority of your time
I design, build, and sell educational robots.

Favorite Song to Sing in the Shower
"Let it Go". What? Why are you laughing?

Beverage of Choice
Bourbon. Sometimes in Manhattan form.

Best Meal You've Ever Had
Elizabeth on 37th in Savannah GA. Largely because I was with my lovely bride each time.
Laura here: If you go, get the Grouper Celeste. It's divine. 

First thing you'd buy if you won a huge lotto jackpot?
Whatever it is that poor communities in Africa need to become economically productive. They know better than I do. That and some old Arcade games.

Secret Talent
I can wiggle my ears.
Side story: When Brett was a kid he showed his grandmother this trick. She tried to do it and said she couldn't.  Brett responded, "That's because your skin is too loose." Luckily she found it funny. 
I use The Oakley Soap Co. products because... 
I've seen the whole evolution from the very first bars. Plus I get the ones that fail quality control for free (spoiler alert, they're still amazing)

Laura again: The soap we use as a family is often the rejects, rebatches and test soaps. Recently Brett asked me if he could buy a regular bar from me. When I said "Why? We have plenty of free soap".  His response "You know how the cobbler's son has no shoes....".  I gave him a slight discount. 
Favorite Oakley Soap Co Product 
Greased Lightning, though it's not usually available. That stuff cleans car grease like nothing else.

Anything else you want to share/promote/tell the world? 
My company, mimicEducationalRobots, is dedicated to providing educational robots to kids of all levels. It's my passion, and I love everything about it. Also, we're selling rotary phone doorbells on Kickstarter ( right now to further fund robots for kids!

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