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Covid 19 - Order update and Kindness Giveaway.


Well, 2020 has turned out to be a kick in the pants, hasn’t it?  The speed of change that happened in the last 24 hours have left many shocked, stunned and even a little panic.

Just a little update here since pre-orders of the Spring/Summer collection are scheduled to go out at the end of next week.  I am diligently working to get everything packed and sent out within the next 4-5 days.

If you scheduled for local pick-up or delivery, expect an email me from me soon with arrangements. Due to the call for social distancing, I request that all delivered orders allow for me to do a porch drop off.

Please note, that if I or anyone I’ve come in contact with begins to feel ill all orders will be stopped until the quarantine is over.

Now, for something a little happier.


This is a tense time.  People are scared. People are fighting over bleach and bananas. Hand Sanitizer is selling for 100x the price by a-holes on Facebook.  I want to do my part to bring a little kindness to the world.

I have 20 packs of Keep Calm shower steamers to give away to those currently having a tough time in the midst of this outbreak.

Examples include:

-Health Care Workers, 

-First Responders
-Janitors, Sanitation Workers, and Maintenance people keep our spaces clean
-Cashiers dealing with psychos freaking out over toilet paper. 

-People who are out of work

-Small business owners that are losing money

-Parents struggling to work from home while their kids are home

-Folx with anxiety 

- Anyone else you feel deserves a bit of happiness in the mail.

If you know someone who could use a bit of happiness, please email me their name, mailing address and what you’d like me to include in the note to them. Laura@TheOakleySoapCo.com or contact me via social media.

Be kind to each other and be gentle with yourself,


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