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Last Call for Body Butter!

While all may feel cold and bleak now, I promise that spring is just around the corner.  That’s good news for those who are over winter but bad news for lovers of our luxurious body butter. The month of March is your last chance* to purchase The Oakley Soap Co Whipped Body Butter as it cannot be shipped during the warmer months. The delicate ingredients are whipped for a minimum of 10 minutes to achieve the light and creamy consistency you love.  Unfortunately, that light texture, which allows the body butter to melt into your skin, will also melt in the jar once the temperatures outside start to rise. 

I crafted the body butter recipe with six premium kinds of plant-based butters and oils designed to feel opulent on your delicate skin. Shea butter is the star ingredient, and we used only the freshest available. Our shea butter comes from Shea trees in Ghana. Shea nuts are hand harvested and then processed by hand to create the creamy butter.  This video shows the work that goes into the process. The women who produce our shea butter receive fair wages and receive additional support to grow their co-op and community. 

Jojoba oil is another lavish ingredient used in the whipped body butter.  Oil is a misnomer as jojoba oil is technically a liquid wax that comes from the seeds of the Jojoba plant.  The chemical makeup of jojoba oil is remarkably similar to human sebum (the oil on your skin) making it great for your skin.    

Other amazing ingredients include coconut oil, avocado oil, and cocoa butter-  all of which are combined to make a great feeling body butter.

Be sure to stock up on my body butter now, so you have enough to last you through the summer.

* Cincinnati residents can contact me at theoakleysoapco@gmail.com for special order body butter April-September.  There’s a minimum order of two jars and orders must be picked up from my Oakley studio, as they cannot be left outside.

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