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Monday's at 8PM is Your New Favorite Time.

The Oakley Soap Co is changing things up!  Don’t worry, your favorite product isn’t going away and I’m not raising prices. Instead, there is now a specific day and time for restocks and product releases. Mark your calendars for Monday’s at 8PM.

In the past, I would update products as soon as they were ready. I’d post availability on social media but often someone would miss the notification or a large order would be placed and the restock wouldn’t last long. As a one-woman business in the time of Coronavirus, hiring help isn’t an option and I’ve reached the limit on what I can do to increase production without compromising quality. Changes will be made once we all get our “Fauci Ouchie” and the interns head back to school, but for now, mark your calendars.

This is both for new product releases as well as restocks on all products, trios, and gift collections.

Please note, this is a manual process and I physically update the inventory at 8 PM.  So it might be a minute or two off.  But let’s be honest, I’m not Nugget. My products won’t be selling out in 30 seconds. This is just an easier way to make sure The Oakley Soap Co restocking and product release system is consistent!

Thanks for always standing by The Oakley Soap Co as it grows from a baby business to an innovative (but sometimes messy) toddler.


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