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Profiles in Awesomeness: Adrienne Justice of Tenderfoot Atelier

This month's Profile in Awesomeness is extra special. I'd like to introduce Adrienne Justice, artist, teacher, momma, small business owner and also, my sister-in-law.  But before you accuse me of nepotism, I promise you I would be featuring Adrienne even if her brother wasn't Mr. Oakley Soap Co.  Her art is beautifully crafted and I am honored to have it on my walls, on my shelves, and around my neck. Look for a collaboration between myself and Adrienne's business, Tenderfoot Atelier in the fall. 

Adrienne Justice


Nic and Poppy Justice
(but I'm also a Pipitone!)


Company/job/thing that takes the majority of your time:
Teaching Artist and Small Business Owner 

Favorite Song to Sing in the Shower:
Disorder by Joy Division

Beverage of Choice:
Black Coffee

Laura here:  When our families get together at my in-laws, I am the only person who doesn't take their coffee black.  I am clearly the weak link in the bunch!

Best Meal You've Ever Had:
Leftover partial-piece of Cake Man Raven Red Velvet for breakfast.

Ok, another interjection: On top of all her other talents, Adrienne is also an amazing cook. Many of my favorite meals have been cooked by her. 

First thing you'd buy if you won a huge lotto jackpot?
A home with an attached studio and outdoor kiln pad

Secret Talent: 
Jumping rope as if I was once a national champion in the sport

Final interjection:  To see her jumping rope in action, watch this inspiring video made by Adrienne and her husband (and potential future Profiles in Awesomeness subject) filmmaker, Nic Justice

I use The Oakley Soap Co. products because...

It feels like I’m doing something really special for myself on a holistic level. Deciding which scents to mix of soap, sugar scrub, and body butter feels decadent but the products also make me feel responsible. I know I’ve made a wise choice with my money by supporting a responsibly made, woman-owned product and venture.

Favorite Oakley Soap Co. Product
Emulsified Sugar Scrub

Anything else you want to share/promote/tell the world?

The sculpture class I teach to adults with visual impairments is in danger of losing funding!  Check out Allen's Lane Art Center to learn more about the class.  

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