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Profiles in Awesomeness: Katie Schneider

One of the best parts about running The Oakley Soap Co. is meeting my awesome customers. I’ve been so privileged to meet incredible people at markets or during deliveries and I am always awed by the diverse things they do for work or play. This is the first installment of a new monthly feature I’m writing called
“Profiles in Awesomeness”. It’s a way to highlight all you incredible makers, business owners, parents, hard workers and all around rad people.  If you’d like to be featured in a future profile, please email me at

I’m so excited to introduce our first profile, Katie Schneider. Katie is the owner and portrait photographer at Katie Schneider Photography, LLC which serves the greater Cincinnati area. Katie works with clients to design heirloom quality portraits they can enjoy in their home and pass down to their children. She believes that children's childhoods should last forever and be a part of the family history and legacy that is passed down through generations.

Here’s a little more about Katie, in her own words.

I live in Amberley Village, OH.


My husband and I have two children- a 6-year-old son and a 16-month-old daughter.

Favorite Song to Sing in the Shower?
Though I do love listening to music, the shower tends to be a quiet time for me. It's where I think through thoughts and ideas.

Beverage of Choice?
Black strong coffee during the day, red wine in the evening.

Best Meal You've Ever Had?
The best meals that have stood in my mind were fresh, well seasoned and cooked appropriately. From fresh lobster and shrimp at the beach to a grass-fed filet mignon cooked at a specialty steakhouse, to stick to your ribs sides.

First Thing you'd Buy if you Won a Huge Lotto Jackpot?
A beach house in a tropical location that I can escape to with my family whenever we needed sunshine and relaxation.

Secret Talent?
I can make a delicious, strong coffee!

I use The Oakley Soap Co. products because…
I value handmade products that contain natural ingredients. The products smell great, feel good on my skin, and are non-toxic. That is important to me! I can use The Oakley Soap Co. products for the whole family, from myself to my 16-month-old daughter.

Favorite Oakley Soap Co .Product?

It's a tie between Good God, Lemon with Poppy Seeds and the Whipped Body Butter.

Anything Else You Want to Share/Promote/Tell the World?
One of the things that really impresses me about Laura is that she is passionate about learning the true art of soap making and crafting the best handmade soaps. She is knowledgeable about the science and the art of soap making. When I purchase from The Oakley Soap Co., I know that I am receiving a high-quality product that will leave my skin feeling clean and amazing.

Aww shucks, Katie, that is so nice of you.  Please be sure to check out Katie’s website and see her gorgeous photos.  And expect to see some new headshots of me shot by Katie soon.

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