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Profiles in Awesomeness: Mandy Hauer of Brand New Day and Juggle Cincinnati

This month I am proud to feature Mandy Hauer as the June "Profile in Awesomeness."  Mandy's work with babysitting service Juggle Cincinnati has literally saved my butt a zillion times in the last two years.  As a non-native Cincy resident with no family in town, finding good childcare is a huge concern. Using Juggle has made life so much easier. 

More importantly, Mandy has also saved lives with her company Brand New Day.  BND offers clothing and jewelry that brings light to the suicide epidemic as well as de-stigmatizes mental illness.  As a survivor, I appreciate this amazing work. 


Mandy Hauer


Maderia, Ohio


Husband - Drew, Three kids - Barrett 8, Berkley 6, and Charlie- almost 3!

Company/Job/Thing that takes up the majority of your time

I have two work from home gigs that I am equally passionate about - Juggle Cincinnati and Brand New Day

Favorite Song to Sing in the Shower

No one wants to hear me sing, EVER, but I am a big fan of 90's rap

Beverage of Choice


Best Meal You've Ever Had

I am less than adventurous when it comes to food, but my go-to is filet and mashed potatoes.

First thing you'd buy if you won a huge lotto jackpot?

A beach house - I am happiest by the ocean!

Secret Talent
I played college soccer

I use The Oakley Soap Co. products because...

Obviously, because they are amazing, but also because, I love to support local businesses

Favorite Oakley Soap Co. product

I am obsessed with the lavender vanilla body butter

Anything else you want to share/promote/tell the world?

I feel lucky to be able to follow my passion for helping others through both of my businesses. Juggle allows me to connect sitters and families, resulting in a win-win for both! Brand New Day is a place where I get to work with my sister, share my mental health journey, and sell fun apparel to fight the suicide epidemic. Remember, you are not alone and tomorrow's a BRAND NEW DAY!

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