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Profiles in Awesomeness: Sarah Henry

Welcome to the September edition of Profiles in Awesomeness. Shortly after moving to Cincinnati I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah Henry in a local mom's group. It's been an honor getting to know her over the years. The people of Cincinnati, especially the kids of Cincy are lucky to have her on their side.  Check out her profile below to see why. 


Sarah Henry


Mt. Washington, Cincinnati


Mike (husband); Louise (6-year-old human child); Charlie, Teddy, and Fergie (cats)

Company/job/cause/thing that takes the majority of your time

As an attorney with the Children’s Law Center, Inc., I work on the KEYS to End Youth Homeless Program assisting young adults to overcome legal barriers in obtaining and maintaining affordable housing. Most of the clients are currently in a shelter and require representation in a variety of issues, including pending evictions, expunging criminal records, family law issues, and LGBTQ related barriers. I'm very fulfilled by her day job as it allows me to provide quality representation to those in need while fighting societal inequities.

Favorite song to sing in the shower

"Shake it Off"- Taylor Swift

Beverage of choice


Best meal you've ever had

Pretty much any meal at Baba Indian in Oakley makes the cut.
* Laura here:  In the battle of Oakley Indian restaurants I respectfully disagree with Sarah.  Baba is good but I'm Team Shaan forever. 

The first thing you would buy if you won a lottery jackpot. 

The life I am currently living would be considered a jackpot to 90% of the rest of the world. While I do not have an infinite amount of financial wealth, I try my best to channel my privilege in a way that effectuates positive change.

I use The Oakley Soap Co. products because... 

They are high-quality products

Favorite Oakley Soap Co Product 
Snow.  I am prone to stress migraines and it helps me feel calm. 

Anything else you want to share/promote/tell the world?

I am a board member of the Mt. Washington community council where I've been successful in advocating for more pedestrian safety measures in the neighborhood. I am currently a School Board School participant and very much enjoys connecting with and learning from fellow impassioned citizens to better advocate for the students of Cincinnati Public.


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  • You are rich in friendships and the love of learning. Your presence and desire to make life better enriches the life of everyone you meet! You are Awesome. Most Sincerely, Debra Rothstein

    Debra Rothstein

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