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Profiles In Awesomeness- Allison Papara from Rocco Bee Collective

Welcome to “Profile’s In Awesomeness”- a look into the lives of some of the awesome customers of The Oakley Soap Co. This month’s profile is of someone I met in kindergarten! That was easily 10 years ago (times 3 plus 2 but let’s not do the math). Allison Papara is a creative maker in many areas but I especially wanted to profile her because I know lots Oakley Soap Co customers would love her fun children’s shirts she sells through her business Rocco Bee Collective.

Allison Papara


A goofy husband, a crazy 1 year old son, and the sweetest, divaest pitbull on the planet.

Company/Job/Thing that takes the Majority of your Time:
I wear many hats. I’m a Barber, Mother, and I run a kids t-shirt company called Rocco Bee Collective.

Favorite Song to Sing in the Shower
My Boy Lollipop by Millie Smalls and Oogum Boogum by Brenton Wood

Beverage of Choice
I love love, love Cheerwine, but unfortunately they don't sell it in Chicago. And nothing beats a cold beer tbh.

Best Meal You've Ever Had
Anything my Grandma made*. She could seriously throw down in the kitchen. Whether it be Campbell's tomato soup, her noodles or her cheesy broccoli, all just amazing comfort food you could tell was made with love.

* Note from Laura- I second this! In grade school Allison’s Grandma would watch me when I was sick and my mom had to work. Campbell's chunky soup will forever be my comfort food thanks to her nurturing during those sick days.  Also, she let me watch anything I wanted on TV. No one tell my mom.

First thing you'd buy if you won a huge lotto jackpot?
Dogs. Dogs. More Dogs. Did I Say Dogs? And probably a Mexican Villa for kicks.

Secret Talent
I'm freakishly good at Jenga. like I've never lost a round, I'm that good. Seriously.

I use The Oakley Soap Co. products because...
You can literally feel the difference in quality between Oakley Soap and other brands. I feel cleaner. The soap smells amazing. I know all the ingredients aren't harmful to me or the planet.And you gotta love supporting small business.

Favorite Oakley Soap Co Product
I'm obsessed with the Just Breathe Shower Steamers. They are THE BEST when you have a cold or some sinus issues.

Anything else you want to share/promote/tell the world?
I started Rocco Bee Collective because I wanted to offer an alternative in apparel for little ones to the Punk Rock Moms and Dads of the world. I'm really excited about all the fun and quirky designs that I'm making available for these cool little kids. Cool kids need cool tees. That's why I'm here.

Be sure to follow Rocco Bee Collective on Facebook and Instagram.  You can buy Allison’s great kid’s shirts at the Rocco Bee Etsy Store.

If you do awesome things like keep tiny humans alive, make cool stuff, work to make the world a better place or drink world record amounts of coffee, let me know! I’d love to feature you! Email me at

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