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Save your Soap (and the environment)

Introducing out newest product, The Oakley Soap Co, Soap Saving Soap Dish.  (I really need a better name of this bad boy).  

This is not your average soap dish. We designed it specifically to keep your soap extra dry, making it last longer between showers. Water is both the best friend and mortal enemy of handcrafted soap.  Water helps your soap develop that rich, creamy lather that cleans your skin without leaving it feeling tight and dry.  However, if left in standing water or under a dripping faucet, your handcrafted soap will melt faster than your average commercially made soap. 

That fast melt is also the reason your soap leaves your skin feeling so great.  It's the glycerine. Handcrafted soaps have naturally occurring glycerine but most commercially made soaps do not. 

(A little joke for the 90s kids)

Glycerine is a humectant, meaning it attracts water and it is found in all fats/oils, animal or plant base.  You often find glycerine in lotions, creams and hair products to keep hair and skin moist.  However, since it attracts water, it can cause solid products that use it, like soap, to get mushy in wet, humid places. (I didn't say the m-word.  You're welcome). 

Commercially made soaps often remove the glycerine during the soap making process and use it for other products.  Instead, detergents and chemical moisturizers are added to keep the bar from melting in your shower. Think of those soaps that advertise  "added moisturizers".  If they didn't remove the natural moisture provided by glycerine, that "added moisture" would not be needed. 

An old fashion handcrafted soap made from oils, lye and water get their moisture from that naturally occurring glycerine in the oils used. No added chemical humectants needed.   

So.  How do you keep that handcrafted soap from attracting too much moisture?  Keep it high and dry.  As soon as you are done using your soap, put it somewhere that keeps it out of the spray of your shower and out of any place where standing water gathers. Our new soap dishes do not allow for water to collect underneath the soap and it raises the soap up so the bottom can dry.

Our soap dishes are available here for only $3.00. We will also have them available at our booth at West Side Market and Second Sunday on Main. 

Coming soon:  Part 2:  Why our soap dishes are environmentally friendly. 

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