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The One Where I Get Emotional Over a Bucket

To most people, this is just a large bucket.  To me, it represents a dream coming to life. 

This comically large bucket contains a comically large amount of coconut oil — fifty pounds to be exact. Enough to make my UPS driver haaaaate me. That's more than the most caveman of Paleo eaters will need in a lifetime. I'm hoping it will last me through Thanksgiving.

Two years ago, I was buying 8 oz jars of coconut oil. I thought I hit the big time when I upgraded to 32 oz jars. I couldn't imagine ever purchasing those big 50 lb buckets all the other soapmakers in my Facebook Groups discussed. "Maybe one day..." I thought to myself. "Maybe in five years...".

                                                                Throwback to my first batch of soap. 
Boom. Goal crushed. It took hustle. Tears. Early mornings (I'm writing this at 5:30 am).  Luck. A saint of a spouse. Angel friends who talked me off ledges and worked for discounts and naan. Coffee. So much coffee. But I did it. I'm buying coconut oil 50 lbs at a time and olive oil in awkward 35 lb boxes. 

Two years ago, I was feeling lost. My entire identity was "Max and Cora's Mom." To some, that was my name.  Not Laura.  Not even Mrs. Pipitone. Only "Max and Cora's Mom."  I love being their mom. It's the hardest job I will ever have. But for me, I needed something else. Something mine. 

I picked up soapmaking as a hobby. At most, I thought I would sell to friends under the table (Shhh, don't tell the government) and make some coveted holiday gifts for friends and family. I was scared of things like LLC's, sales tax, and branding.  But here I am, a few short years later, still scared of sales tax and LLC's but I will talk your face off about branding. (Thanks Lela). 

I'm not sure why I'm writing this. Partly to get my thoughts out, so I don't start crying over a bucket of oil.  Partly because the experts say I MUST blog. But mostly, I am writing this to say thanks. Thanks to you for reading this. Thanks for participating in this journey. You might be an old friend that's cheered me on from day one.  Or maybe you are a fellow soap nerd I've met online. Perhaps we never met, but you've made a purchase or follow The Oakley Soap Co on social media. However you got here, thank you. Without you, I wouldn't be crying over coconut oil. 

Finally, if you are thinking about finding your own thing, I encourage you to jump. It won't be easy but it sure as hell will be worth it. 


See you when I start buying oil in 400 lb drums. 

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  • I love this post! I myself am slowly but surely working towards a similar goal. Congrats!

    Ms. Wanda

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