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The Year of Hustle

There are only a few hours left in 2019, and like many, I find myself reflecting on the last 12 months. I’m not a resolution maker. Like any good business owner, I had a set of goals for 2019 that came with distinct maps on how to achieve them. Some focused on financials. Others on growth. Even a few on education. But ultimately, I went into 2019 with one main intention for The Oakley Soap Co: 

Boy howdy did I hustle.

This year I participated as a vendor in 17 markets. Fourteen of those were outside. One of those was in record-breaking heat. Another was in a torrential downpour.  Several were massive failures. Several more were major successes. All of them left me with aching feet. I spent hours locked away in my studio, making products, and even more hours on my computer doing the annoying business-y part of running a business.

Even when it was hard, the hustle was worth it.

Yes, The OSC went above and beyond the sales goal I set for the year. However, what I really loved about this year was getting to know so many of you.  At reoccurring markets like The City Flea and The Hamilton Flea, it was awesome to see people come by month after month to stock up on soap or say hello. I got literal chills, even in 90-degree temps, when someone stopped by to tell me how None More Black helped their skin or how Just Breathe shower steamers got them through a nasty summer cold. I cried more than once when someone reached out on social media to tell me how my soap made them excited to shower.

As I stated in a past blog post, I want The Oakley Soap Co. to be a place of community. In 2019, the hustle I put into this little soap biz laid the groundwork for the goal. I have a long way to go to make the dream a reality, but, I saw glimmers of that community through my interactions with you both in-person and online. I can honestly say The Oakley Soap Co customers are some of the nicest people in the universe.

I would like to acknowledge those who helped with the hustle this year. My village is filled with amazing people. 

Thank you to:

Lauren, Jenny, Emily, Mandy, Cera, Melinda, and Lily- for helping me “hold down the tent” at shows so I could make a bathroom run, eat a meal or take a deep breath.

Lela Barker - for making me cry and then changing EVERYTHING with your Brick House Branding class and The Think Tank.

Tiffany, Laura, Erin, Jennifer, and Svetlana- for sharing your knowledge, ideas, and wins in our little Facebook group.

All of my friends on my personal Facebook - for talking me off ledges and sending good vibes when I was freaking out about markets

Kayleigh and Stacy - for listening to my venting.

Sarah, Courtnee, Jarrad, Brett, Mandy, Adrienne, Allison, and Katie- for taking time to answer questions for “Profiles in Awesomeness.” 

Roxy, Katie, and Courtnee- for making me look awesome in my headshots. 

Dana- For making The OSC branding look better than I could ever imagine

To all my fellow vendors- for your camaraderie, knowing glances and support at markets.

To everyone who shared a post, made a purchase, told someone about the company, or gave The Oakley Soap Co products as gifts. Words cannot adequately express how much your support means to me. 

Most importantly, I want to thank my family. You have sacrificed so much to help me grow the company. I could go on for hours about all you’ve done and all you’ve given up and all you’ve put up with over the last year.  Brett especially wins husband of the year award. I wouldn’t be here without you, my dear. I love you.

I am looking forward to 2020 and working on my new intention. I still plan to hustle, but in 2020 I want to hustle efficiently. Sounds boring, but I'm pretty pumped. 

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