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Surprise Soap- Super Discounted

Surprise Soap- Super Discounted

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Take advantage of my predisposition to be a hot mess!   

When a real-life human makes products, the prospect of screwing up is real.  And in my case, it's frequent.  All my "Surprise Soaps" work great but for various reasons won't be making it to the main product line. 

Reasons a soap would be a surprise soap

  • They were too small. All Surprise Soaps are 2.5-3.99 ounces. 
  • They were a test run that won't make it to the main product line. 
  • A custom order didn't look the way I wanted. 
  • Overstock

No matter why they are "Suprise", the soaps contain the finest ingredients. All Suprise Soaps are 100% vegan.  

Fine Print: Soaps will be chosen at random, and stock will always be changing. Soaps may be labeled with a scent only  No refunds/returns on the product. As I tell my kids, "You get what you get, and you don't pitch a fit."  

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