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Profiles in Awesomeness: Jarrad Holbrook

I must admit that I live vicariously through the Instagram Stories of this month's Profile in Awesomeness. Jarrad Holbrook takes the coolest trips and I love watching his adventures. I was especially grateful when he shared highlights from his recent Scotland visit where he saw the Spice Girls in concert. I WAS SO HAPPY FOR HIM AND NOT AT ALL JEALOUS. Not only does he know how to take a great trip but he also does amazing and important work, which you can read about below. 

Not. Jealous. At. All. 


Jarrad Holbrook


Brad (husband)

Ruth Glacier, Alaska
Company/job/cause/thing that takes the majority of your time
I work for Indiana Landmarks, the country’s largest statewide non-profit for historic preservation. In short, I help keep cool old buildings active parts of our community history, whether I’m making site visits to help property owners develop repair and rehabilitation plans or working with city officials to strengthen their unique history via their collection of historic buildings.

Favorite Song to Sing in the Shower
Lately, it’s been “Hard Out Here” by Lily Allen — probably NSFW FYI

Beverage of Choice

I try to limit myself, but a peppermint mocha has my heart.
 Laura here:  I second this choice.  They are my happy drink. 

With Brad at Stirling Castle, Scotland. 
Best Meal You've Ever Had

Full disclosure, I love food. It’s one of my favorite things about travel — whether on vacation or just exploring a nearby town or neighborhood. It’s really tough to pick just one, but I’ll say my perfect meal is from Country’s BBQ in Columbus, GA — their bbq pork and beef sandwich with a cup of chili on the side. Great, now I want to drive 10 hours for it.

Laura interjecting again: Jarrad and I are both former GA residents. I haven't been to this particular place, but I dream of Georgia bbq on the regular. I fully support a 10-hour drive for a perfect meal. 

First thing you'd buy if you won a huge lotto jackpot?
My way out of grad school debt, then some plane tickets!

Secret Talent

Previous career was in theatre, but I do work occasionally with a local community theatre, Rivertown Players.

I use The Oakley Soap Co. products because... 

The range of scents (and looks) is fantastic. The seasonal ones are too perfect. I also really enjoy buying from a small, local business, not only because I want to see those thrive, but also because I know I’m getting something unique and special.

Favorite Oakley Soap Co Product 

What’s with all the tough questions? Snow and Born this Way are runners up, but Dancing in September* is autumnal perfection.

* Back September 1

At Loch Ness

Anything else you want to share/promote/tell the world? 

In addition to Indiana Landmarks, I’m a major proponent of the Kliptown Youth Program. A couple of years ago I visited South Africa and Kliptown has some of the poorest living conditions I’ve ever seen. But the people were some of the friendliest, most genuinely happy people I’ve ever met. KYP helps kids in the area with schoolwork, additional job training, and even sponsors arts and athletic programs. And most importantly, it works. They’re a true inspiration.

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